What is Child Care Subsidy (CCS)?

Last updated: July 2018

What is Child Care Subsidy (CCS)?

Child Care Subsidy (otherwise known as CCS) is a government fee assistance program to help families with the costs of child care. The CCS program has come into effect for all approved child care services from 2 July 2018. The subsidy is paid after the care has been provided and your child’s session report has been sent through by the child care provider.

Lilypad Early Learning centre is an approved child care service provider, so we’re more than happy to answer questions if our families require assistance.

If you’re not yet part of the Lilypad family – welcome! For a free, personalised tour around the centre, we recommend you book a tour with our Centre Director.

How does this differ from Child Care Benefit (CCB)?

Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR) is no longer available as it has been combined with the new Child Care Subsidy program, effective from 2 July 2018. The means-tested Child Care Subsidy is better targeted and provides more assistance to low and middle income families.

The single-payment Child Care Subsidy is designed to be simpler to navigate than the previous multi-payment systems, and will be paid directly to the family’s child care provider. It is then the family’s responsible to cover the difference left over. We can help our families through the process of setting up CCS.

If you’d like to book a tour or enrol, please fill out your details on our booking form.

What is an approved child care centre?

Approved child care providers are those that have been approved by the Australian Government for CCS purposes for meeting certain standards and requirements. Services must also meet the new quality standards set out under the National Quality Framework (NQF).

Examples of child care services that could be approved include:

  • Long day care
  • Family day care
  • After school care
  • Vacation care
  • In-home care
  • Occasional care

In our case, Lilypad Early Learning Centre is an approved “long day” child care provider which is eligible for Child Care Subsidy (CCS).

Who is eligible for Child Care Subsidy?

To receive Child Care Subsidy payments, families must be assessed by Centrelink. The full list of criteria are available via the link below. To receive Child Care Subsidy payments, families must be assessed by Centrelink. Click here to learn more.

How much will I receive from Child Care Subsidy?

The amount received will be dependent on a factors such as the combined annual family income, an activity test, and the type of child care service type required. Click here to learn more.

How do I apply for Child Care Subsidy (CCS)?

Whether you’re a new family or already enrolled, all families must be assessed in order to claim their Child Care Subsidy. Click here to learn how.

What about families in special circumstances?

The Additional Child Care Subsidy (ACCS) replaces the Special Child Care Benefit (SCCB), the Grandparent Child Care Benefit (GCCB) and the Jobs Education and Training Child Care Fee Assistance (JETCCFAA). Click here to learn more.

More information

To learn more about Child Care Subsidy, have a look at the following links:

The above are official government websites only.

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