4 - 12 YEARS OLD

OOSH in Ryde

Our OOSH and School Aged Care is for children between the ages of 4-12 years old.

Educational activities

By providing education and practical opportunities to engage with such activities at a young age, children are able to absorb and continue to develop these skills as they bridge into high school education. At Lilypad, we focus on your child’s empowerment, self-identity, confidence and perseverance.

Hands-on life skills

Within our Out of School Hours (OOSH) care service, children aged four to twelve years will be able to advance in practical, hands-on life skills. Children are able to have fun in a safe environment and participate in a broad range of exciting extracurricular activities with focus on building friendships and healthy lifestyle development.

Diversity and confidence

At Lilypad, we embrace your child’s distinct characteristics, valuing diversity, leading to positive self-identity and ongoing confidence. We ensure there is an anti-bullying and respectful program, where children can utilise their diverse strengths and abilities and explore their unique interests.

Local community

Another key component of our OOSH program includes a valuable connection to the local community. These experiences expand on your child’s socio-cultural understanding with added enhancement of additional life skills.

Interest-based learning

School-aged children contribute ideas to the program and with thorough safety and risk assessments conducted, we aim to create these experiences and learning opportunities, really capturing the children's interests. 

Learning and well-being

Our OOSH program is centred around hands-on, leisure/play-based curriculum as this element supports a positive mindset for learning and well-being.

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