Preschool in Ryde

Our Preschool is for children between the ages of 3-5 years old.

Key foundation skills

Our preschool program is dedicated for children aged from three to five years with both short and long hour services available. This program is specifically designed to develop key foundation skills and enhance positive emotional regulation abilities as your child prepares for transition to school.

Fine motor skills

Through various routines, play spaces and activities, our highly qualified educators are able to facilitate the development of children’s growing fine motor skills, gross motor skills, speech and language abilities, cognitive thinking skills, and social and emotional skills.

STEM workshops

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) skills are also brought forward within the preschool settings. This helps widen children's imagination and aspirations to learn, develop new skills and recognise their unique abilities.

Interest-based learning

Children have a natural curiosity for learning, so we adopt an interest-based and child-led program offering meaningful and unique learning opportunities and environmental layouts. This allows your child to actively develop the centre program and know that their own ideas and contributions are valued, supported and encouraged.

Guidance and support

Developing positive emotional response abilities in the preschool setting is an ongoing focus for all children. Our educators offer consistent guidance and support in a caring and safe environment and by doing this, we are helping your child to understand that they can increase their ability to control, manage and respond to emotional experiences. The focus of such practices, to assist in pro-social skill development leading up to transition to school.

School Readiness

Comprehensive School Readiness programmed activities are delivered throughout the week as part of our interest-based day-to-day learning experiences. As every child has different ways of learning, we ensure that we meet the learning needs for all children.

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